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Restylane Lidocaine combines the standard Restylane equation with a prompt nearby anesthetic for considerably increasingly easy application. It is provided in a 1.0 ml syringe with a flimsy divider needle, permitting it to be directed into the skin with at least physical interruption, while the 0.3% included Lidocaine expels any scratching sensation.

  • The formula itself is suitable for moderate lines on the face, for example, those between the lips and nose, and medium wrinkles somewhere else.
  • Applied to the edges of the mouth, Restylane Lidocaine can likewise be utilized to take out marionette lines and other maturing impacts brought about by smiling, speaking, and eating.
  • Impacts are quick and dependable, permitting the grin to be reestablished to young-looking completion and the lips to be plumped and smoothed to expel indications of maturing.

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