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What is Stylage M Lidocaine 2x1ml and Its Benefits?

This filler is utilized to take care of the following problems:

  • Disposal of the center and deep wrinkles in the territory of the forehead, nasolabial triangle, in the perioral district
  • Rectification of nasolacrimal wrinkle and wrinkles in the periorbital locale
  • Increment the volume of the lips and structure a reasonable form
  • Lip grip treatment
  • The revival of the skin on the back surface of the palm
  • The remedy of the glabellar district.

The upside of applying the STYLAGE M with LIDOCAINE filler with hyaluronic acid enacts biological procedures in the skin and animates the creation of its hyaluronic acid, elastin fibers, and collagen, which are responsible for the expansion of youth.

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