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What are the characteristics of BCN Adipo 5 x 5ml?

BCN Adipo 5 x 5ml is an item created to combat cellulite and reestablish skin immovability, just as for use on the face for esthetic conditions, for example, double chin. L-carnitine and caffeine mobilize collected fat, discharging it so it very well may be burnt by the metabolism. Caffeine additionally improves the flow and fixes and conditions the skin, lessening the presence of cellulite. Fucus encourages the body to dispose of held liquids, invigorates the course, and has a detoxifying and depleting impact on the oedemas brought about by cellulite.

  • Ruscus causes address problems identified with blood flow.
  • Ultimately, natural silica hydrates, re-establishes, and recovers cells and improves the synthesis of collagen.
  • Decreases cellulite and reestablish skin immovability.

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