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What is the effectiveness of Decoria Essence Filler (1x1ml)?

  • Decoria Essence Filler (1x1ml) is intended to be infused into the mid dermis, expected for treatment of shallow to medium profound wrinkles, lip contouring, improvement, glare lines and nasolabial folds.
  • The Decoria product offering at present comprises of the two items Decoria Essence and Decoria Intense, together covering a wide range of treatment regions.
  • Decoria items depend on balanced out, synthetic and exceptionally purified hyaluronic acid.

Being balanced out implies that the items have an enduring impact with a length in the skin as long as a year. The difference in qualities and signs between Decoria Essence and Decoria Intense is an aftereffect of the two items comprising of medium and enormous estimated circles individually.

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