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What is Stylage L 2 x 1ml and Its Specifications?

  • Stylage L is a cross-connected hyaluronic gel, non-creature in birthplace, which joins 0.3% lidocaine hydrochloride, an antioxidant (mannitol), is sterile and apyrogenic, with physiological pH and osmolarity.
  • Stylage L is an injectable embed demonstrated for filling deep to deep wrinkles and additionally for volume reclamation (cheeks, shapes of the face, cheekbones) by deep dermal injection in the face.
  • Stylage L can likewise be utilized in systems for reviving the hands by sub-cutaneous injection in the back of the hand.
  • Stylage L ought to be given by deep dermal injection in the region of the wrinkle or cutaneous imperfection to be dealt with, where it will produce volume to fill the injected zone.

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