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What are the properties of Suplasyn 1-Shot 1 x 60mg/6ml?

Suplasyn 1-Shot 60mg/6ml – is a medical gadget demonstrated for use in the symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis, acts, as a pain alleviation operator. The pre-filled syringe contains a viscoelastic solution with a characterized atomic weight of purified hyaluronic acid, which was obtained during the aging procedure. Hyaluronic acid is one of the fixings normally found in synovial liquid, where it assumes a significant job in keeping up the great state of the joint.

  • Use as coordinated by your doctor.
  • The item may just be utilized by a physician.
  • The pre-filled syringe is proposed for a single organization.
  • Depending upon the size of the joint, dosages up to 6ml can be applied by conveyance.

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