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What Are the Major Advantages Of Using Perfectha Derm 1 X 1ml Filler?

Perfectha Derm is a hyaluronic acid gel filler, intended to help medium lines including lip molding and glabellar lines. With a cross-connecting pace of 90%, the gel is injected into the medium dermis (center layer of skin).

Intended to make a medium volume filler impact in the face to cover folds and medium wrinkles establishing from the mid-layer of the skin dermis.

Results are sheltered and moment from the primary treatment. The overall impacts will last from 6 a year, relying upon the people’s skin type factors, for example, age, lifestyle, and procedure utilized by the medical expert.

Perfectha Derm can be utilized to take out wrinkles, specifically:

  • Medium wrinkles and glabellar lines
  • Eye Furrows
  • Scowl lines
  • Shaping of the lips and expanding lip volume

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