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How is Restylane LYFT 1 X 1ml beneficial for you?

Restylane LYFT is the thick filler that immediately saturates the delicate tissues of the dermis, includes volume, and fixes the “blurring” territories of the skin. The embed was created based on hyaluronic acid of normal starting point with a grouping of 20 mg/ml.

  • High digestibility rate. Hyaluronic acid, stabilized by inventive innovation, in split-second interfaces with matrix parts. The nature of the dermis is extraordinarily improved as of now in 1-2 hours after the injection.
  • Non-harmfulness. The gel contains just protected cell-accommodating substances. After the time dispensed for hydration of the skin, hyaluronic acid is discharged from the body through the emission organs.
  • Drawn out an impact. The skin stays rigid, versatile, saturated, and healthy on normal as long as a year without extra re-injections.

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