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What is the role of Radiesse Filler 1 x 0.8ml?

Radiesse has a gel-like formula that is comprised of calcium hydroxyapatite – a famous part in medical beautifying agents for a considerable length of time, water and glycerin, and can change into collagen. The usefulness of the special fixing – sodium carboxymethylcellulose, is to ensure the injection site, permitting the skin tissue to recover. This doesn’t interfere with the dynamic action of the gel.

  • Reduces the fold between the mouth and the nose;
  • Reduces the wrinkles toward the edges of the lips;
  • Removes the wrinkles over the upper lip;
  • Removes scars, coming about because of skin problems, for example, skin break out;
  • Adjusts the connection between the nose and the chin;
  • Adjusts the shapes of the lower jaw.

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